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Working With Trees

When working with trees it is vitally important to ensure that both the individual and the trees themselves are working within a safe working environment, observing the latest health and safety. Failure to do so can result in serious injury to individuals or property.

There are also a number of prices of legislation which affect both trees and woodlands.

Tree Preservation Orders

Tree preservation orders were first issued following the 1947 Town and Country Planning Act. The orders can be issued against individual trees, groups of trees or woodlands. The TPO is designed to prevent wilful damage, felling loping or topping of any trees which it covers. Failure to observe a TPO can result in prosecution.

TPO are issues by the local planning authority. Once it has been iisued, the order is effective immediately, but needs to be confirmed., modified or cancelled within 6 months of first being issued. Once the TPO is issued, to undertake any work on the tree(s) requires the permission of the local planning authority. The responsibility for any trees covered by a TPO, remains with the landowner.

For further details on TPO’s visit the ODPM Website

Felling Licence

Felling licences are issued by the Forestry Commission to protect the woodland and forest landscape in Britain. The felling licences is designed to prevent the unlawful felling of woodlands within the landscape. There are a number if exceptions to requirements for felling licences which can be viewed on the Forestry Commission’s web site. If you are thinking of undertaking any tree felling work within a woodland, contact Forestry Commission for help and advice about felling licences and available grants

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