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Green Infrastructure

Green instructure refers to the greenspace, woodland and trees in and around our towns and cities; in short the green aspects of our urban environment.

The green infrastructure approach emphasises the links between the various habitats and the need to develop a continuous network of varies landscapes, within and between built up areas. By enhancing and developing green infrastructure, we will be creating an environment which is not only more pleasant for us to look and live, but will make a major contribution to prosperity, health and quality of life.

It is not only local residents who will benefit, an enhanced network of greenspaces, trees, and green routes will also create many new wildlife habitats and corridors, which will contribute to biodiversity.

Across Greater Manchester and Merseyside, green infrastructure planning is developing to ensure that open space development and biodiversity issues are at the heart of development decisions, and developed in tandem with land management decisions. With current regeneration iniatives such as housing market renewal, we have a unique opportunity to undertake pilot project on green infrastructure which will indicate the potential for achievement.

Further details of green infrastructure and its application within the North West can be found by following the link below.

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