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School Arboretums

PEF has been actively working to promote forestry and woodlands within schools.
As a part of the neighbourhood renewal fund funding has been obtained for a schools arboretum project which will deliver schools grounds improvements to schools throughout Rochdale. In total 50 schools have worked on the project. The schools are offered the trees on a number of themes including:

  • Fruit trees
  • Native arboretum
  • Bark trees.
  • Shelter and continuous cover.

The project has enabled schools to plant a mixture of standard trees and smaller whips, depending upon the space available for planting.

Working with partners in Groundwork and BTCV, the tree planting will be part of a wider project to increase knowledge and awareness of trees and woodlands and their importance within the local environment. Each tree planting session, will be accompanied by awareness raising environmental activities and games to raise awareness and to “add value” to the tree planting sessions. It is expected that these sessions will last for a morning or an afternoon. If there is sufficient funding within the project, the schools will also be offered the opportunity to further enhance their grounds through art work related to the tree planting and the schools arboretum project.

The schools arboretum project is a pilot project within Rochdale and is now being rolled out to include Oldham and it is hoped that eventually it will cover the whole of the PEF area.

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